Advertiser Benefits

Flexibility – Promote unlimited combinations of urls and anchor text. You have the ability to pick and choose each link.

Transparency – Filter our link inventory by metrics such as page rank, Moz rank, outbound links, category, and unique class C IP blocks. We also track publisher sites regularly for metric changes so that you continue to get what you pay for.

Network Diversity – Unlike private link networks, HPBacklinks is a diverse collection of publisher sites ensuring a wide range of IPs and lessening the overall footprint risk.

Publisher Benefits

Easy to Manage – Add your domain, tell us how many links you want to sell and at what price. We match you with an advertiser and provide the content. No need to deal with customers – we handle support, payment processing, and all of the details.

Residual Income – Unlimited income potential! You decide how many links to sell and the price per month of each link.

Lower Risk – Your site is part of a larger, diverse network, and the link footprint on any two sites will never be the same.