Can I see the url of the site where my link is placed?
In order to protect the privacy of our publishers and to guarantee the longevity and integrity of the HPBacklinks network, we do not provide urls. Since links are from high PR homepages, they can easily be found with tools such as MajesticSEO, OpenSiteExplorer, and Ahrefs.

What details about the site are available from the dashboard?
We provide a variety of filters to help you select the best links to complement your linkbuilding strategy. These filters include not only Page Rank but category, price, outbound links, MozRank, and unique class C IPs.

What part of the page is my link placed?
All links are placed contextually within the content of a 300+ word blog post on the home page.

How long is my link on the front page of the blog or site?
Your link will remain on the front page for as long you continue to pay for the link. Links are billed on a monthly basis.

Do I have to write the posts for the contextual links?
All posts are written by our in-house writers.

Will the content be unique?
Yes, all posts will be unique and are written by our native English writers.

Can I remove my links?
Links are purchased in 30 day increments. While you can request removal of your links at any time, we do not pro-rate canceled links.

How many links am I allowed to purchase?
In order to maintain the integrity of our network and to lessen the overall footprint, individual users may not purchase links on more than 10% of our network. If you approach that limit, you will receive a notification in your dashboard.

What type of CMS (content management system) do you require in order to work with your network?At the moment, we only accept WordPress sites. We may add capability for other CMS’s in the future.

Is there a limit on the number of links that I can place on my home page?
In theory, no, but advertisers are able to view the number of outbound links on your home page and will likely pay a higher premium for sites with fewer outbound links.

Is there a minimum number of links that I must place on my home page in order to be accepted?
No. You can publish as few or as many links as you wish.

What type of sites will I be linking to?
We provide advertisers the option of selecting specific categories. Chances are, sites requesting a link on your home page will be closely related in content to your own site. We do not allow certain sites that promote gambling, adult content, or overly spammy pharmaceutical content.

Do I have to accept the link?
No, you have final say over what links are placed on your site.

Where must the links be placed?
Advertiser links are embedded in posts that are 200-500 words in length. These posts must be placed on the home or ranking page of your site.

How often will I be paid?
We issue payments monthly the first week of the following month. The minimum payout is $25.

What fees will I be charged?
We will hold a fee from each payment sent based on the following scale:

45% of all payments totaling $25-499
35% of all payments totaling $500-2,500
25% of all payments totaling $2,500 or more