Earn a substantial, passive income selling links

Features at a Glance


Easy to Manage

Add your domain, tell us how many links you want to sell and at what price. We match you with an advertiser and provide the content. No need to deal with customers – we handle support, payment processing, and all of the details.


Residual Income

Unlimited income potential! You decide how many links to sell and the price per month of each link.


Low Risk

Your site is part of a larger, diverse network, and the link footprint on any two sites will never be the same. Plus we never give out link urls.

How it Works

  • Add your WordPress site (url, category, language, max links, and price).

  • We’ll add your site to our inventory for potential advertisers.

  • When an advertiser buys a link, we’ll write a 300-500 word post and automatically post to your site along with the advertiser’s link.

  • At the end of each month, we’ll total up your earnings, deduct our split, and send you a payment.

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