Improve your search rankings with targeted links

Features at a Glance



Build links to unlimited combinations of urls and anchor text. You have the ability to pick and choose each link.



Filter our link inventory by metrics such as PageRank, MozRank, outbound links, category, and unique class C IP blocks. We also track publisher sites regularly for metric changes so that you continue to get what you pay for.



Unlike private link networks, HPBacklinks is a diverse collection of publisher sites ensuring a wide range of IPs and lessening the overall footprint risk.

How it Works

  • Add your site (url, category, language).

  • Search available link inventory based on desired metrics (price, category, age, PR,etc).

  • Select links, enter url/keyword combos and tell us when to publish.

  • Our native English writers prepare and distribute a 300-500 word post to the selected site with your link in the first 100 words.

  • We monitor your links on a regular basis to ensure the link remains active, and there are no changes with the publisher site (page rank loss, deindexing, etc).

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