Service Updates

We have made a few minor category changes this week to better aid advertisers and publishers.

The Investing category has been renamed to Finance/Investing.
A new Gambling category has been added.
Advertisers can now select links from the General category in addition to links for their sites’ categories. General category sites have no defined niche or category and are likely to have a broad range of topics posted.

Marketplace Stats

Top Selling Categories (based on # links sold)

Category/Avg Link Price

Travel/Leisure            $5.55
Web Design/Development        $4.36
Health/Medicine                       $2.82

High Demand Categories (based on avg link price)

Category/Avg Link Price

Science/Technology                $6.20
Home Furnishings/Decor        $6.10
Education/College                  $6.08
Travel/Leisure                         $5.55

Average Per Link Pricing (by PageRank)

PageRank/Avg Link Price

PR6 – $15.00
PR5 – $7.67
PR4 – $4.99
PR3 – $3.10
PR2 – $2.89
PR1 – $2.30
PR0 – $2.17